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  • Festival time in Flatrock

    One of the reason’s we purchased our house in the Flatrock area of Nashville was because it was important to us that our children were raised in a diverse environment. I’m not talking about “its a small world” diversity here… Read More ›

  • What kind of foundation are we laying?

    The other day my daughter and I were at the park. We were chatting while her brother was running around being the crazed superhero that he can be. “Daddy”, she said, ” I don’t want to grow up.” “Well, 4… Read More ›

  • Lessons from my 3 year old

    It’s amazing what we can learn if we just stop listen and observe, if we don’t rush to fill a self perceived void. I’ve got a three-year old son who is an amazing skateboarder. I’d go as far to say… Read More ›

  • Climbing on board

    Well it’s about time for me to climb into the pool. I’ve toyed with the idea of blogging before but never felt I had that much to say. Well, actually I did, I was just to lazy to write it… Read More ›