Month: July 2016

Stand For Children Buys Its Way Out Of The Race

Back in June, I wrote how the Nashville school board race was shaping up to be the equivalent of a Michael Bay summer blockbuster. We were going to have big explosions, bad dialogue, and lots of pretty people, but not… Read More ›

A Charter Cadre Conspires

Imagine, if you will, the following. It’s about a month before the local school board election and ten or so principals are hunkered over keyboards in their offices. They are hammering away at emails, cooking up plans to sway the… Read More ›


Nashville has, for the last several years, been an under-the-radar playground for the education reform movement. People may be familiar with the stories of New Orleans, Newark, Los Angeles, and lately, Denver, but the battles have been just as fierce in Nashville. Things ratcheted up in 2008… Read More ›