Hope everyone has had an enjoyable week. Things have been good here. Still trying to work on a new pod cast. It  look’s like vouchers plans may get shelved for another year. Texas just killed their state voucher plan. So there is some good news out there.

This week I wanted to address teacher stress. It’s almost testing season and there are about 2 more months in the school year, so teacher stress is probably pretty high right now. Teacher’s, how do you personally deal with the ever increasing stress you face?

My second question is inspired by last week’s poll. On the question of how best to retain teachers, the majority responded, hire better principals. That made me wonder, what do principals need to get better at to be great principals?

Lastly, MNPS recently made changes to elementary school report cards. They sent out a memo touting the much improved reports and I wonder if you concur.

Those are the questions for this week. As always, comments are welcome and confidential.

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  1. How much money did we sink into that new report card? What a joke.

  2. This “too” shall pass. (Correction).

  3. I am in disbelief that the district is proud of having a report card without a space for teacher comments. Teacher comments are often where the most valuable information about a child’s learning is shared.

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