I spent Wednesday morning over at Maplewood High School participating in a book club. This book club is made up of students and community members. It is just one facet of Maplewood’s impressive ProjectLit. I got to say it was one of the more enjoyable mornings I’ve spent. The book was Ghost by Jason Reynolds.  This is a book discussion that is facilitaed by students. It’s very powerful to see young people embracing literacy and taking control of their own development. At a time when we are constantly bombarded by adult battles over how public education should look, it’s refreshing to walk into the trenches and see how it’s being done right. In an ideal world a book club like this would be taking place monthly in every school in our district.

I hope more community members will take up the offer to join in once a month. It’s a decision you won’t regret. I look forward to next month.

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