Like all good things, the month of march is coming to a close but not without another set of questions. This week I think I’ve come up with a wide range of topics. I do appreciate you taking the time to give your input. Here’s a little explanation on the questions.

WSMV recently ran a story on Metro Nashville Public School’s administrators travel budget after director of schools Shawn Joseph evoked a travel ban four months ago. While MNPS didn’t coperate with the story, they did release a statement where they claimed, but offered no evidence, to have saved over a million dollars in travel expenditures from last year. I’m curious what your reaction to the story is.

The second question I decided to ask has to do with teachers. As we get to the end of the year, discussion seems to heat up on how we retain more teachers and the potential of a teacher shortage. I’m curious what you think is the biggest factor in retaining teachers.

Lastly, I wanted to talk community schools. More and more research is showing that they are a viable alternative to charter schools and private schools. As my conversation with Alison McArthur recently illuminated, Nashville has had a lot of success in utilizing and expanding the model. I was hoping to get your opinion.

As always, comments are welcome and appreciated. Have a great weekend.


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  1. It was very disheartening to teachers to have to cancel a much-anticipated PD to Ron Clark Academy after the travel feeeze was issued only to see school board members enjoying themselves there about one week later. Teachers would have been directly implementing what they learned as well as training others- seems like a better use of funds so hopefully more return on investment will be considered more this next year.

  2. I have yet to see the “money that was saved” in our classroms like Mr. Pinkston tweeted. I would appreciate proof that it made it to our classrooms. All I see is more cuts coming with the new budget while they continue to jetset like kings. Not holding my breath for that one.

  3. Will Pinkston, just like the rest of the administration he brought to us, is a sad joke. How many more stories can be done about how they are ransacking our district before someone does something? I see multiple stories on different media outlets and yet we hear crickets from our city’s leaders. It seems like everyone is in on the fix.

  4. Just leave them alone. Don’t you know the board has more urgent problems facing our district like, unabated charter growth? How can we have the time to look at the “dark money” being spent on luxurious hotels and 5 star meals, when we have charter schools sending out marketing text messages? I mean for the love of God TC, why spend sleepless nights worrying how Dr. Joseph and his cronies are spending all of our money foolishly, when we have tennis stars trying to open more schools? Will Pinkston and Amy Frogge should have beautiful statues made of them stepping on Jesse Register’s head and placed outside of Bransford for all of the sinister charter plots they have prevented and called out.

  5. I would like to see a survey regarding teacher stress and how they deal with it.

  6. This administration is crooked. They are here to get as much money as they can and then will be gone. TC, wonder if you could do some investigation into the contracts that are made in the district? Seems like, when you did a little deeper, the money trail seems to be flowing to people they know if PG County etc. On another note, we have lost and will continue to lose great leaders at Central Office. Look for who they will be replaced with. Either one of their own or folks that will not question or disagree with anything. If you do, there will be hell to pay!!! If you want to keep your job, do what we say and keep your mouth shut.

  7. It pains me to write these words, but I am so disappointed in Will, Amy and Jill. They have stepped on this teacher’s heart for the last time. I have helped each of their campaigns in 2012 and 2016, but they will not get one more thought after this comment. I choose to not be a part of this culture that breeds fear and uncertainty anymore. This will be my last nine weeks in this district and that saddens me. Their continual lack of responses from each of us teachers as we beg them for help and to open their eyes will no longer suffice. I really hope there will be a reason for all three of them to be recalled. At least then MNPS might have a positive 180.

  8. So why has Cane Ridge High School lost its AP Accreditation?

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