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  • Politics over Children

      If this were an episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” it would open with a shot of the kids on the couch and the voice of the father saying, “Today I’m going to tell you the story of… Read More ›

  • My letter to the MNPS School Board

    Dear Board Members, Tomorrow we celebrate the President of the United States visiting Metro Schools once again, but tonight you will discuss the future of the man who’s policies directly led to the Presidents first visit. That is a huge accomplishment and… Read More ›

  • Lies My Charter Operator Told Me

    The two biggest claims of the reform movement seem to be “all children can learn,” which no one disputes, and “charter schools are public schools,” which is hogwash. The only time a charter school is a public school is when… Read More ›

  • The Race For Mayor Heats Up

    As we move into June here in Nashville, more than just the weather is heating up. With a little over two months remaining until election day, things are also heating up with the mayor’s race. This is the first time… Read More ›

  • The BS Gap Continues to Grow

    Earlier this year, the head of the Achievement School District in Tennessee, Chris Barbic, wrote a piece about the supposed belief gap. A few months later, another gap was floated by Forbes – the Honesty Gap. Supposedly, the scores our kids are getting… Read More ›

  • Well, That’s Clear As Mud

    Last week, I wrote about what has become an annual event in Tennessee: the botching of the release of TCAP results. Last year, they came out late, which prevented many schools from being able to include them, as is required… Read More ›

  • A Pleasant Surprise from a Politician

    As I travel along on this journey of educating myself on and advocating for education policy, I come into contact with quite a few politicians. The ones who I would count as friends of public education are usually pretty rare…. Read More ›

  • Here We Go Again

    Here we go again. In Tennessee, like many states in the Union, we test our students using standardized tests every April. In May and June, the results come out and the questioning begins. The last couple of years have seen the questioning get… Read More ›


    Enter into any conversation on education these days and you can bet it won’t be long until someone brings up the teachers unions. Some will try and evoke the image of the union as a mythical beast capable of bending all to… Read More ›

  • Watch Yer Back

    As a person who often says bad things about people with money, I’m always a little wary of the reaction my writing may have on others. Being married to a teacher and considering that the majority of the stuff I… Read More ›