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  • TN(not)Ready-What’s Really Changed?

    Last week amid great fanfare, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam announced that due to a crash of the online testing platform, he planned to allow teachers to not have TNReady scores be a part of their evaluations this year. Accolades poured… Read More ›

  • TN (not) Ready

      Another year, another Tennessee testing fiasco. Over the last few years, one thing that has become as certain as death and taxes is a screw up on Tennessee’s annual high stakes student testing program. In the past, it was… Read More ›

  • An Open Letter to Tennessee Voucher Supporters

      Dear True Believers, Y’all got to be excited! Here you sit on the cusp of making history in Tennessee, despite a few pesky parents, educators, newspaper columnists, members of the Tennessee County Commissioners Association, school board members, students, and community… Read More ›

  • The Blasphemy of School Vouchers

    It’s been a crazy time lately here in Tennessee. The Tennessee State Legislature is back in session, and that means it’s time for the annual school voucher battle. Forces from outside Tennessee have been attempting to push this legislation through… Read More ›

  • Is Detroit really an Outlier?

    Last week, I, like the rest of the country, read the horrific accounts of the poisoning of the Flint water supply. It really didn’t shock me to find out that the architect of this tragedy was later appointed to oversee… Read More ›

  • Missed Opportunities

    Much like the Tennessee State Legislature, vouchers – or as supporters refer to them, opportunity scholarships – have been on my mind lately. For the last several years, legislators have done their best to try and make them a reality… Read More ›

  • Who Really Benefits From Vouchers and Choice?

    We have come to the close of 2015, which means that we are getting set for the next legislative session in Tennessee. Once again, state legislators will attempt to pass a voucher bill. They’ll try this despite having failed at… Read More ›

  • Step Up for Reading

    I’d like to share some observations I’ve made over the last several weeks, but before I do, I feel compelled to offer a disclaimer. These observations should in no way be interpreted as a criticism of my children’s teachers. Their… Read More ›

  • Just Do The Gig

    There seems to be a little confusion about the role of an elected school board in Nashville these days. I think there is enough confusion to warrant a conversation. So let’s start by looking at the prescribed duties of the… Read More ›

  • The Refugee Challenge We Are Already Facing

    It’s funny. As I read all the comments about Syrian refugee children and their potential arrival in the United States over the next couple months, I marvel at people’s opinions and their lack of knowledge. I have a unique perspective… Read More ›