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    I was sitting around this week reflecting on all the wonderful people that share info about Metro Nashville Schools with me and how blessed I am to have so many readers. It suddenly dawned on me, I should do a… Read More ›

  • WEEKLY PODCAST 2/21/17

    I listened tio the feedback and I think this week’s podcast is a little less rough. In this episode I mention Betty Devos, Tennessee State bills, a new advocate for community schools, and MNPS takes a trip. Hopefully it’s much… Read More ›

  • Dad Gone Wild’s First Pod Cast

    Here we go! The first pod cast from Dad Gone Wild! In this episode we’ll look at the legislative docket for Tennessee and discuss some changes coming to Nashville schools. This first one is a little rough, but we are… Read More ›


    I first heard of Anna Thorsen a couple years ago. Some friends who had children at Eakin Elementary School  in Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) were singing her praises as president of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). After finishing up her… Read More ›


    Last week President Trump enacted an Executive Order banning the entry of refugees for the next 90 days and Syrian refugees indefinitely, under the guise of a need to further vet them.  Since my kids go to a school with a… Read More ›


    Tennessee State Representative Bill Dunn from Knoxville loves kids. Just ask him. Because asking him is the only way you’d know it. His actions certainly don’t support that proclamation. In case you didn’t know, Bill Dunn is the driving force… Read More ›


    In public education circles, we spend a great deal of time talking about equity. As much talking as we do, though, we struggle with actually defining it, and we have a hard time grasping that what is equal isn’t always… Read More ›

  • Snow Daze

    Last week, I was on the phone with a friend, and we were speculating on the incoming snow and the ability of the new leadership at Metro Nashville Public Schools to navigate the challenges of the upcoming bad weather. Let’s… Read More ›

  • Guarding Democracy

    A few weeks ago, the Tennessee Department of Education released an early Christmas present: last year’s TNReady scores. In case you are not familiar with TNReady, it is Tennessee’s version of an annual standardized test. I know, you are probably… Read More ›

  • The Story Of One Parent’s Son

    Since I started blogging, it’s never ceased to amaze me how the same thoughts seem to be on parents’ minds at the same time. I’d like to share a piece that was sent to me by a parent of two… Read More ›