The first day of school is akin to the first day of baseball season – hope springs eternal. It is a day filled with promise and anticipation. It is an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and lay the groundwork for new friendships. Families intermingle throughout the hallways with community members, elected officials, district administrators, and teachers. It’s a day that will grow your heart even if it is 10 sizes too small. To inject any negativity into the day feels sacrilegious, and so I won’t.

Today’s post will consist of nothing but pictures celebrating the first day of school. Tomorrow we will talk about poll results and news of the district. Today we will celebrate.

When you are walking through the halls of your child’s school and you see all the fantastically decorated rooms, please take a second and say thank you to the individuals who worked so hard to ensure that your child’s first experience in their classroom was a memorable one. Teachers have been sneaking into the buildings for the past two weeks on their own time to get things ready. They’ve been dipping into their own pockets to purchase those special extras that will make things magical. There is no mandate that says they have to do it. It’s because of their pride, dedication, and love of children that the halls are as magical as they are today. We are blessed to have them, and I for one am thankful.

It’s a big day for the Webers because this year, Tusculum Elementary School will be kicking off the year in a brand new building. And what a beautiful building it is! What an experience it was this morning seeing all the excited faces entering the new digs. In case you haven’t guessed, we love our school. It’s going to be a grand year!

I had the pleasure of walking the halls this morning with Metro Councilwoman Davette Blalock. Councilwoman Blalock has been a huge champion for the school over the last several years. Without her support, we might still be waiting for a new building. So, if you see her out and about, tell her thank you!

I was going to write captions for all these pictures, but then thought, nah, I’ll let you write your own in your mind. Today is a good day.

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  1. Today is indeed a good day! Thanks for posting!

  2. I love the first day of school!! Thank you for sharing this special day at the new Tusculum Elementary!!

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