First June Poll

I hope everybody survived the first week of vacation. Over in our household we are celebrating the 6 year old boy passing his swim test. He hadn’t been swimming for months but as we drove to the pool he continually swore to pass his swim test. Within minutes of arriving at the pool he marched over and requested that the swim test be administrated. I looked on with amusement and half through the test they stopped him and explained he would have to get his head in the water more. He asked a few questions and said, “All right let’s do it again.”

Puzzled the life guard asked, “Now?”

“Yea, right now”, he replied marching himself over to the beginning where he proceeded to complete the test. I must admit that I’m pretty proud and a bit surprised.

Speaking of proud fathers, MNPS is holding a Fatherhood Festival on June 10th. It’s from 10 – 2 at the Watkins Park Community Center. Go ahead and put it on your calendar as it should be a great time for everybody.

I am also proud to mention that the learning village at Tusculum is now just about a thing of the past. MNPS has moved very quickly to get rid of the 24 portables that we have been utilizing for the last two years. All I say is, thank you and good riddance.

Let’s get to the poll questions now. I have a fun one for this week. The first question is going to ask what you believe the purpose of public education is. I solicited education figures across the state for a one sentence answer. You’ll be able to choose an answer from among those submitted. The answers are annonymous because I wanted you to focus on philosophy not personality. On Monday I may reveal who submitted the winning reply. The replies come from advocates on both sides of aisle – teachers, school board members, principals, and other education thought leaders. It’s long been a belief of mine that we never spend enough time defining the purpose of education before creating policy. As always, if you don’t find an answer you like, feel free to add your own.

The second question asks if we should bring back vocational schools or not. Over the last several years the topic of vocational schools has begun to reemerge and has begun to get serious consideration. I am curious on what your thoughts on the subject are.

Lastly I am curious about what part of Nashville local readers are from. I’ve also included a couple answers for those from outside of town.

Thanks again for your participation and let the games begin.

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