The loud noise you hear is the sound of teachers and students rejoicing because standardized testing has come to an end in Nashville for this year. I proctored a couple of days, so I’ll share that experience in the near future. Right now my only observation is that testing makes sane people have insane conversations. That said, I’ve got some more questions.

There is so much negative news around us that this week I decided to focus on the positive. For my first question I wanted to get Nashville residents opinion on the biggest success story that they’ve heard out of MNPS this year. It’s been a year of turmoil but some really great things have happened as well. If you don’t see you favorite feel free to write one in. I’ll share them all on Monday. Let’s give credit where it’s due.

We talk all the time about schools shortcomings, but I want to hear what you think makes your school extra special. Again if you don’t see a response you like, feel free to write one in. Sometimes we need to just take a minute and really appreciate those people and things that make our schools rock.

Lastly, I was curious about just who you think is best source of information on educational issues. Who’s the best education writer? There are tons of people doing amazing work out there and I want to know who your go to person is.

Hope everybody has a great weekend. If you are in Nashville and you are running the Music City Marathon please be safe. This will be the first time in well over a decade that there won’t be a representative from the Weber family competing,  It’s a little weird.


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