Since this is a blog devoted to educational issues I won’t point out that yesterday was 4/20, but since it’s testing season maybe I will. Here in Nashville it’s the midpoint of the testing window and I hope everyone has found a way to keep their sanity. I have to say I find it baffling that we assign such value to a test that is proctored almost completely by volunteers from the community that each school has to literally scrape together. But what do I know? I’ll be doing two days next week at Tusculum ES.

Which brings us to the first question of the weekend. Governor Haslam sent out a wonderful letter to students encouraging them to do their best despite the state’s inability to do their best the last 3 years. In my opinion there hasn’t been as much conversation about testing this year as in years past, but I wanted to get your opinion.

My second questions is in reference to Dr. Joseph’s recent budget announcement where he also proposed to make all Middle Schools STEAM centered.  Is this a good, bad, or indifferent idea? Tell me what you think.

I’ve been meaning to ask the third question for a while. A couple months ago the MNPS school board gave newly hired director a perfect score on his first evaluation. Now that he’s been here just about a year, I wanted to know what grade you would give him if you were doing the evaluation. I know the question might seem a bit redundant, but I wanted to drill down on it a bit, so please indulge me.

That’s what I got this week. I hope everybody has a fantastic weekend. See you on the other side.


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  1. Discipline needs to be addressed! A good talking-to (Restorative Justice?) isn’t working. Still no clarification of the policy that teachers can’t talk to school board members. Teachers have a travel ban, but Central Office sure doesn’t. Teacher payraise of 3%, plus step raise, is not nearly enough. It will all be eaten up by the amount that my rent is going up. I can’t afford to buy a house- even a modest one- on my salary.

  2. This was a comment left on the poll question grading Dr. Joseph and I didn’t want it to be missed……In a recent interview with the Nashville business journal dr. Jospeh gave himself a B when asked this. He pointed out things he thought he could have done better. He can’t control what the board grades him, but I think it shows a lot about himself as a man to be reflective and see his own shortcomings. Glad he’s in Nashville

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