It’s Friday again. My, but how these weeks fly by. I have three more poll questions this week. Two are on education policies and the third relates to how long you can blame some one for a systems failings.

Currently in Maryland the state board is creating, as prescribed by ESSA, a new accountability model. As part of that model they are considering legislation limiting the amount that student achievement can play to 51%. The remainder would be made up of school quality indicators like class size, opportunities to enroll in advanced classes, case loads, opportunities for dual credit etc. I know where I fall on this legislation but I’m curious about your thoughts.

In Tennessee, legislation is currently making its way through the house that would create a facilities fund that charter schools could apply to for grants to upgrade facilities. The fund would initially be seeded with 6 million dollars. Good idea or bad idea?

Lastly, Dr. Register used to be the superintendent of schools for MNPS. Well, he’s been gone for 633 days. Still, some try to attach blame to him and his policies every time criticism is raised against MNPS. Is this fair or is it time we moved on and those that presntly hold the position are held accountable?

As always I appreciate your input and look forward to your answers. Comments are welcome.



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