Hope everybody is having a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day. It is a Friday, and that means I’m back with three more questions. The first one is for everybody. The second two are mostly for Nashville residents. First of all, I’m trying to get a better idea of who the typical Dad Gone Wild reader is, so I though I’d ask. Secondly, MNPS has a whole new leadership team this year, and by now most of us should have formed an opinion. Please share it. Lastly, this past Thursday night, Twitter followers saw a Nashville School Board member engage in an all-too-frequent attack on people with whom he holds grudges. I’m curious about how people feel about that. As always, your comments are welcome and anonymous. I appreciate you sharing them. On Monday, I’ll give you a little wrap up of what we’ve discovered. Thanks again for all your support.

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  1. Will Pinkston is nothing more than a pompous, misogynistic ass. Last night was completely uncalled for. He won the election. What else is there to prove? Grow up and concentrate on things that matter.

  2. If we care about curriculum & instruction (and student & teacher performance), Felder needs to go immediately. Completely unqualified for her role. It’s embarrassing that she’s the instructional leader of our district. Joseph should make change ASAP

  3. Will is not a dumb guy which is why I don’t understand what motivates him to be so caustic on twitter. I voted for him over jaxn and when I saw the exchange last night I thought “maybe I should have voted the other way” because the only explanation for his rants is unstable psychotic behavior. I’m not afraid of angry people but crazy people scare me.

  4. Last night was it for me. I don’t care what someone has done in the past, you simply should not celebrate the losing of someone’s job on a platform like Twitter.
    Good luck Will. I hope you find and defeat those Quixotic windmills and not hurt loved ones in the process.

  5. Honest question: Why has the board remained silent on Pinkston and his tweets? And doea their silence mean they are in agreement with him or do they fear his make believe wrath?

  6. Will is his own worst enemy and if he doesn’t stop he will be MNPS’ worst enemy. He has done many good things for students in our district, but he has to stop. His vitriolic tweets have no place in our education landscape. I wish he would just focus on what matters most.

  7. Do you know if anyone (central office, board, etc) has noticed the comments from the last few weeks? It seems like there is a consensus that there is a culture that Joseph and his team are unaware of. I know they believed they inherited a horrible culture, but I would argue that things are worse now than when they started.

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