Just wanted to drop a few quick thoughts on this week’s poll. These are my observations and probably debatable, but it’s my blog so I get to make them. Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

  • The school board member you trust the most question garnered the most attention with 288 responses. Amy Frogge and Mary Pierce finished in a virtual tie, seperated by only 2 votes and securing 28% of the vote each. Not surprising since both are considered the leaders of their de facto camps. Nice to see that we have readership representing both camps. Coming in just under those two was “none of the above” with 16% of the vote. That might bear watching. Christiane Buggs still enjoys robust support as she came in with 11% of the vote. Everything else shook out to about what you would expect.
  • On the question of the amount of energy the board focuses on charter schools, there were 258 responses with a whopping 69% coming in with the opinion that the board over focuses on charter schools. We do have an “other” optition where respondents can enter personalized answers. That’s where my faorite comment comes from, “Needs to chill the fuck out and realize there are other issues.” That kind of sums it up. 17% of respondents felt the board was giving the right amount of attention to charter schools.
  • The last question was about reasons for leaving the district. This one was a bit of an eye opener for me. Out of 208 respondents, 42% cited safety as the number one issue. Followed by 29% who cited lack of academic rigor.  Primary among the responses under “other ” was a lack of stability, with several expressing that concern in various ways. In discussing why people leave public schools here in Nashville I don’t think we focus nearly as much on safety as we do the other issue. It’ll be interesting to watch how this plays out with the districts ongoing Restorative Justice initiative. I look forward to that conversation.

That’s the reflections on this weeks poll. We’ll have a whole another set come Friday. So be safe out there and make sure you keep checking in with Dad Gone Wild.

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