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It’s Friday again, which means it’s time for a few questions in our new Dad Gone Wild Friday Poll. I must admit some of the answers in the previous polls surprised me. That’s a good thing. Overall, I found the results quite insightful. I really appreciate everybody’s participation. It’s important to ask questions, even if you don’t always get the answers you suspect or want.

This week’s questions are all MNPS-related. I want to clarify, because there seems to be some doubt, that I have not had a change of heart when it comes to charter schools. I don’t support the concept, but I do believe the best defense is a good offense, and we must commit to improving all our public schools. Take from that what you will. As always, comments are welcome, and polls are open until Sunday night. So without further ado…

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  1. Will Pinkston needs to stop. He is a loose cannon that needs to be reeled in by the board. There is no place for his misogynistic attitude and bullying in our district. I never thought I would be a champion for Mary Pierce, but I am starting to believe she is the reasonable one on the board.

  2. If by reasonable you mean attempting to steer families AWAY from the schools in her district by trashing them in 1 on 1 conversations, then yes, Mary is quite reasonable.

  3. Can we stop dancing around the issue? This new administration has but one responsibility. To decimate our schools as much as possible which will then open up more federal money for them to play with. The principals Dr Joseph and his team have placed in schools are running them into the ground. They are running off amazing teachers and in the process will run off amazing students and their families.
    What does the board do about this?
    My guess is bring up another story about a charter school.

  4. Does Anna Shepherd still have a voice? I haven’t heard anything meaningful from her since she looked so incompetent on her news interview with Channel 5.

  5. Look at the culture the principal has created at Antioch High School if you want to see what the future of MNPS will look like. Fear, confusion, frustration and not caring what the students, teachers and parents think are just the beginning. A report said that over 50% of the teachers are leaving at the end of the year. How is that lack of continuity going to help our students? The report is right as I am one of the teachers at Antioch who will not be back if Dr. Wiley is still at the helm of our school.

  6. Thank you for giving focus on the rot that is eating away internally at MNPS. There are a lot of things to celebrate in our district, but it is being overshadowed by the decisions this administration has implemented. We teachers are worried because we have no where to go. I have written several emails to my school’s board member, Amy Frogge, only to delete them afraid I will be reprimanded or lose my job. I love teaching, but this year has been nothing but stress and fear. I honestly don’t know how much more I can take.

  7. My child is not school age yet, but there is no way in hell, she will attend MNPS where I teach, until restorative justice is fixed. I have had 9 bruises, 5 bites that broke the skin and one chair thrown at me. I teach 2nd grade. I can sense the fear the other students have when this child is in the class. Tell me how that is a hospitable learning environment. Tell me where the learning equity is for all.
    I get that the school is the safest place for a lot of our students, but how can we teach with “rigor” while this continuously is a disruption to the environment.

  8. I have been in this district for several years now and have definitely seen my fair share of ups and downs. However, I have maintained faith all along and have kept right on teaching. I truly love my profession and have always been proud to be part of Nashville’s public schools. This year feels very different though. I am hearing stories that make me sick. Principals who were brought in from out of state under this new leadership are running off high quality teachers who have given years of their lives to the students of MNPS. Teachers feel no security. We are in constant fear of what mandates might be added to our plates next or whether we will even have a job. I am one of the lucky ones who has a great administration…for now anyway. I am forced to live with the constant fear that my principal could be moved at any time and replaced with someone who is inferior and incompetent. The thoughts of working in a hostile environment like I am hearing stories about this year scare me to death. Amy Frogge is my representative on the board and I have the utmost respect for her. I know her heart is in the right place and her focus is always on what is best for students and teachers. I am so appreciative of her and the work she does. We are blessed with so many wonderful families and teachers, but there is only so much human beings can take. I just pray that we start to see some real improvements in this district very soon, or I fear that families will flee Davidson County and the teacher shortage will only continue to grow. I am heartbroken to admit that for the first time since I began teaching, I have wondered many times this year if I need to be exploring options in other school districts myself. At the end of the day, who is it that suffers most from all of this? The children. And THAT is what’s truly sad. We have a vulnerable population of students in MNPS, and they deserve the best at school. We must never forget that teacher working conditions are also student learning conditions. Please tell me brighter days are coming.

  9. North Nashville has not escaped the poison that is the “Prince George Effect.” Our principal at Cumberland Elementary is just horrendous. She has led our school by an iron fist since day one. She has encouraged fellow educators to “get out now because we are not getting rid of her.” She tries to make sure we know our place on a weekly basis. At $120K a year she is definitely the “Cutthroat Island” of MNPS. High costs with absolutely no return on investment. She proudly flaunts and name drops the administration on a daily basis knowing that she will make an even bigger salary next year with a higher position at Central Office.

  10. Honestly cannot remember a more fearful time to be employed by MNPS. My first year was post Garcia so I can’t speak to that experience, but I have to think they at least could go to their respective board members if they had an issue. Today we are forbidden to speak with our board members and with the chain of command mostly comprised of Joseph placements, it makes it impossible to get the help we need.

    • I agree with having nowhere to turn. Most of the administration in layered with PG folks and we can’t talk to board members. That has to change! I work in central office and feel ill thinking about going to work everyday. It is a toxic environment and we are treated like the enemy. If you weren’t hired by them, you aren’t trusted. I am undermined at every turn and get zero support. I love MNPS and want to stay. Please help us!

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