Teaching, a love story: PART 3

Mary Holden is an essential part of what I do. As a 15veteran of the classroom her experiences are invaluable to understanding the impact of our educational policies. I would strongly advise all to read her words.


Catch Part 1 and Part 2if you missed it.

Part 1 is where I discussed why I became a teacher and those early years of my career.

Part 2 is where I delved into my experiences from 2000-2008. It gives some insight into how we got where we are today in public education.

In my 15 years in the classroom as a high school English teacher, there were ups and downs, and over time, it seemed there were more downs than ups.

Here’s the continued saga of my career as a teacher.


After about eight years as a teacher, I felt led to be a leader. I thought of becoming an assistant principal and ultimately, a principal. Because of the role models I had as a teacher and the administrators I worked with, I knew the kind of leader I wanted to be: a…

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