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  • Watch Yer Back

    As a person who often says bad things about people with money, I’m always a little wary of the reaction my writing may have on others. Being married to a teacher and considering that the majority of the stuff I… Read More ›

  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Reset

    Nashville business leaders have decided that the education conversation, for whatever reason, is in need of a RESET. To begin this “reset,” the Nashville Public Education Foundation has commissioned a group out of Boston, the Parthenon Group, to do a study of Nashville’s… Read More ›

  • TN ASD: Brand on the Run

    I figure the Tennessee Achievement School District (ASD) and its superintendent, Chris Barbic, are feeling pretty good these days. The legislative session is over in Tennessee, and they’ve managed to beat back the forces of darkness that wanted to abolish,… Read More ›

  • RESET?

    Like many of you, I spend a great deal of time thinking about education. Once I started blogging, I was always thinking about things to write about and what I wanted to say. After 50-some posts, I still don’t have… Read More ›


    This week I watched the events of Baltimore unfold on my television, and I read the comments on social media. I can honestly say none of it surprised me. Even when Jeanne Allen jumped in with her tweet claiming charter… Read More ›

  • What standards could and should mean.

    Coaching Little League baseball for 4-to-6-year-olds has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I confess that during the first month of games, I harbored a constant desire to get in my car and go home. The kids were all incredibly… Read More ›

  • Vouchers for All!

    It’s April in Tennessee, so that must mean that once again we are embroiled in a battle to beat back vouchers. One year I wish Punxsutawney Phil would come out of his hole, and, instead of telling us there’d be… Read More ›

  • The TN ASD: In search of a friend

    A number of months ago I poised the tongue-in-cheek  question, “Who actually likes the Tennessee Achievement School District”? Little did I know how much truth was in that question. It is certainly not the people of Memphis or Nashville, who have loudly rejected… Read More ›

  • Childhood is for Children

    I wrote this post last year as Peter and I embarked on his first year of organized baseball. We have now started year two of our foray into organized ball. If any thing, its been a re-enforcement of last years… Read More ›

  • Let’s talk Education Facts

    “…It’s a fairly rudimentary exercise to be frank with you…Revenue follows the student to charter schools. Fixed costs do not follow the student proportionately. So therefore, the more revenue loss you get, the fixed cost base stays the same. There’s… Read More ›