How Much is a Punch in the Face Worth?

  “Every day there had been rotten cops in the news and still she had been bamboozled. ‘I mean, they’re supposed to protect people, right? How can they be so bad at their jobs?’ ‘They protect people from other people…. Read More ›

Here We Go Again

Here we go again. In Tennessee, like many states in the Union, we test our students using standardized tests every April. In May and June, the results come out and the questioning begins. The last couple of years have seen the questioning get… Read More ›

Watch Yer Back

As a person who often says bad things about people with money, I’m always a little wary of the reaction my writing may have on others. Being married to a teacher and considering that the majority of the stuff I… Read More ›

TN ASD: Brand on the Run

I figure the Tennessee Achievement School District (ASD) and its superintendent, Chris Barbic, are feeling pretty good these days. The legislative session is over in Tennessee, and they’ve managed to beat back the forces of darkness that wanted to abolish,… Read More ›

The TN ASD: In search of a friend

A number of months ago I poised the tongue-in-cheek  question, “Who actually likes the Tennessee Achievement School District”? Little did I know how much truth was in that question. It is certainly not the people of Memphis or Nashville, who have loudly rejected… Read More ›

Let’s talk Education Facts

“…It’s a fairly rudimentary exercise to be frank with you…Revenue follows the student to charter schools. Fixed costs do not follow the student proportionately. So therefore, the more revenue loss you get, the fixed cost base stays the same. There’s… Read More ›