Wagging The Dog

  “Which do you think is more patient, an idea or a hope?” ― Max Porter, Lanny The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce released its 30th Annual Education Report on Tuesday. That’s thirty years, of the chamber releasing a report… Read More ›

Here We Go Again

“She stared at the television. “Why is it that after all the bullets have bounced off Superman’s chest, he then ducks when the villain throws the empty gun at him?” ― Percival Everett, I Am Not Sidney Poitier   The… Read More ›

Are We Serious yet?

“Darwinism is dynamic. It is about change, not stasis; about process, not pattern; about tales, not tableaux; about becoming, not being.” ― Henry Gee, In Search of Deep Time   The other night I was driving home, it was fast… Read More ›

Change Has Got To Come

“We’re lost,’ she said. ‘We’re here,’ Bateman replied. They were both right.” ― Joseph Knox, The Smiling Man   My apologies, I’ve been a bit remiss in keeping to a regular schedule with the blog. About a month ago, I… Read More ›