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  1. Hi, my name is Jessica Fogarty and I am a Tullahoma School Board Member. My district has been waging a battle against TNReady. We have met with the Commissioner pleading for a change. We approached our legislators, and we successful in getting Senator Bowling to sponsor a bill (SB1984) that would have allowed us to use a more appropriate assessment. This was heavily opposed by the state and killed in committee. My third grade daughter can not suffer through this test anymore. The students in this state deserve better. Realizing that I have exhausted all my options and with the blessing of my superintendent, I have started a petition to “Stop Part 2 of TNReady”. I do not have a great presence on social media, so I am reaching out to anyone that is sympathetic to the over-testing of TN students (and those who understand the gross errors of TNReady). If you are able to sign and share this petition, it would be most appreciated. I understand that this is a “statement move”, but hundreds and hundreds of signatures and comments from parents and teachers across this state will make a powerful statement. My hope is to have an overwhelming number of both signatures and comments in these next two weeks. I plan on printing them an delivering them to Comissioner McQueen and the Governor’s office prior to the start of TNReady Part 2.

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